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Your challenge is our challenge
  • Guests do not complain on the spot but leave fatal comments somewhere online?
  • Unable to define where and when to keep track of comments from the massive online jungle?
  • Current manual online tracking is time-consuming and management still finds it difficult to take action?
  • Staff are immuned from the current evaluation systems (mystery visits, group shop calls, internal surveys etc) as the evaluations are all predictable?
  • Voluntary guest survey is getting less time/cost efficient with a hit rate of less than 15%?
  • Current evaluation frequency can no longer catch up with the spread of Word of Mouth?
Your challenge is our challenge
Having left our footprints in worldwide hotels and resorts for 5000+ times over the past six years, our calibration of quality excellence is the closest to reality. With research covering properties from city centres to beaches.
We talk the talk
Same as our clients who strive to be the best breed, we only do what we are good at. In S.E.A, we listen and customize our service at the best interest of our valuable clients. Our exclusive service and elite team are always ready for clients who share the same values as we do.